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David Purdue

Booking Information

Discussion & Organisation

I only discuss and organise bookings online via email, Facebook messenger or Model Mayhem - never on the phone. It's important to have all the information in a written format for ease of reference later.

Tax Invoicing

As an ABN holder, I am happy to provide an invoice for our shoot.


$170/hr with a minimum two hour booking

$550 for a half day of four hours

$1000 for a full day of eight hours

An $80 surcharge applies for bookings before 7am, as this impacts bookings for the rest of the day as well as the evening prior. The surcharge is waived for full day bookings.

Cancellations on Tour

I require a non-refundable 25% deposit via PayPal or bank transfer for a booking to be confirmed. I have never cancelled a shoot or tour, but should this ever arise then your deposit would be returned in full.


If you cancel within 7 days of my official tour commencement, and we cannot reschedule during my tour period, you agree to pay 50% of the fee.


If you cancel within 72 hours of our booking, and we cannot reschedule during my tour period, you agree to pay 100% of the fee.


This cancellation fee will be waived if you are able to find someone suitable (approved by me) to take on your booking.

It is the photographer/s responsibility to have an indoor plan B in case of unfavourable weather. I cannot control the weather and this is my sole source of income, so please plan ahead.


I am limited to public transport. I will travel up to an hour each way to shoot locations. Anything over this is charged at $20/hr. This is negotiable for full day or or multiday bookings.

For shoots at multiple locations - the clock starts at the first location and carries on while we travel between locations ie the clock does not stop.


I do not do open leg, erotic or men's magazine style work. I feel that my portfolio reflects my style but definitions do vary, so feel free to ask for clarification or send example images of what you have in mind. 

Other Things to Note

I enjoy posing with other models, depending on the concept and style. I prefer creating with models I already know. Otherwise, I require advance notice so that I can communicate/meet up with the model and ensure we will work well together.

I am open to multi-day travel bookings to explore and create in stunning locations, however I require my own separate room to sleep in.

Please give me advance notice if you require me to get my hair wet, or to cover myself with any substance including oil or paint. I need to either ensure this is the last shoot of the day, or that there are facilities and ample time for me to prepare for the next shoot.

I do my own basic makeup for shoots as in 90% of my portfolio, and have limited hairstyles in my repertoire. For anything more than a natural look, you may want to consider involving a HMUA.

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