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Image Copyright Zoe Wiseman

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About Me

Photographed by James

Hello! I'm Cheyanne - an Australian travelling model and muse. I've been comfortable in front of the camera my whole life and have been modelling for over twelve years. I specialise in fine art nude work but have experience in other genres including portrait, fashion and lingerie.


I pride myself on my professionalism, communication and dedication to developing my creative expression. I thrive on collaborating with artists to help them bring characters to life and achieve their artistic endeavours. I love the way a small crumb of an idea can grow with some back and forth between artists, snowballing into an image of epic proportions!

The human body can be decorated, positioned and captured in ways that create breathtaking art... I enjoy exploring poses and themes that capture the beauty of the female form without oversexualising it.

I'm passionate about the modelling industry and I'm always looking to connect with like-minded creatives. Please get in touch if you are interested in making magic with me.

Happy snapping, folks!

Let's Create!

Interested in making magic with me?

Email me at


Or sign up to my mailing list here with your location and/or nearest major city to receive upcoming tour information.

Thankyou and Happy Snapping!

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